All team members enjoyed the 2011 new years event.

Posted on March 03rd, 2011

On Saturday 15th of January we gathered together for what has to be called a unique event in the lifetime of our company. Indeed all of the team members, most of them accompanied by their spouse or girl friend, joined us for the new years celebration event.

As the Queaso Systems’ team has been growing very rapidly the last few months it is faster said than done to get everybody physical together during a non working event. Well, for this encounter we did it! So, thanks to each and every employee, and their partners, to choose for Queaso Systems on a free Saturday evening.

To start of the evening we organized a little pre-reception in our new offices in Ghent allowing especially the partners of our people to see for themselves where we spend our time during working hours. We are pretty much convinced they liked it.

Afterwards we went to the little harbor of Merelbeke to board a vessel from Jan Plezier for an exclusive trip on the waters in and surrounding the city of Ghent. Wining and dining was provided and lots of space to eat, drink, chat and enjoy the magnificent views. It’s really a different angle to see Ghent from the canals, even for those who know the city pretty well. Even for people who have never been in Ghent (shame on you) this way of discovering is awesome.

We can conclude that after we went high in 2009, we stayed low in 2010, the choice to go afloat in 2011 was the right one. Wonder what we will come up with in 2012?