Cloud computing discussed during GetTogether

Posted on January 25th, 2011

A big and unexpected last minute load of fresh snow hindered the timely start of the GetTogether on cloud computing that was held on December 23td in the Holiday Inn Garden Expo in Laken (Brussels). What should have been a crowdie event – more than twenty-five people registered upfront – turned out to be a nice and cozy gathering of hard liners that made it to the venue.

So what about the Salami Approach when talking about cloud computing? Nobody can better disclose this topic than the people from Hostbasket. They really are into cloud computing and are there from the early beginning.

Due to illness of the original speaker Bert Van Pottelberghe (who has a background of 15 years experience in IT and automation and has been working with Hostbasket where he develops the product strategy and leads the development team in his role as Product & Marketing Director) Hugo Daninck took over for the evening. Although Hugo is more a sales person he managed to keep the attention of the rather technical public focused during the presentation. For some of us cloud computing has nothing to hide, but even than it was nice to see and hear a well structured story on the topic. Some key questions from the audience finished off the official part of the evening.

Before heading home and diving into the cold and dark winter night we enjoyed a last pint at the bar of the hotel.

Like to be part of the action next time? Fill out the contact form and we are more than happy to invite you to the next Queaso Systems GetTogether session to be held in somewhere in March 2011.