GetTogether on Enteprise 3.0 – The power to Predict

Posted on June 09th, 2010

For this episode of the GetTogether we joined forces with Tibco and invited their Senior Solution Architect Stef Valy to enlighten us with his view on “Enterprise 3.0”. The power to predict as they call it. Place to be this time was the Novotel in the center of the beautiful city of Mechelen.

About twenty people joined us for this session on March 23th. As always we supplied food and drinks for our guest and tried to welcome them as a real host is supposed to do. I am pretty sure we once again succeeded, given the fact that long after the presentation was finished people could be found alongside the bar discussing – mostly technical – topics.

The presentation itself took a deep dive in to the predictive world according to Tibco. Real-time business, based on the collection of current data, has become the standard operating procedure for leading-edge companies over the past decade, enabling them to respond rapidly to changing business conditions. Now we are seeing a transition to what TIBCO calls Predictive Business™, or the ability to anticipate problems and opportunities and to act preemptively. Real-time business was about doing things faster. Predictive Business is about doing things you could not do before.

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