Queaso Systems nv introduces fingerprint logon system for Belgitrans

Posted on January 05th, 2010

Belgium (Erembodegem) – January 04th 2010.

Commissioned by the professional association Belgitrans Queaso Systems introduces a logon system using fingerprints that ensures each member a secure and unique access to its own administrative data within the association. The system meets the demands of Belgitrans: making each individual member responsible for updating their published personal information on the www.belgitrans.be portal.

As part of the overall renewal of the Belgitrans portal it was also vital shifting the responsibility for the membership records from the back office to the individual members. This membership data includes besides the traditional name, address and location information a catalogue indicating which products are offered by the members. The accuracy of this information is obviously of great commercial importance to the members.

Including security and traceability throughout this decentralized data handling was suddenly very important. At any given time the Belgitrans board wanted to make sure that the member data could only be manipulated by authorized representatives. A traditional Internet access via username and password was clearly not the answer.

Queaso Systems took on the challenge and designed, apart from the new portal, an internet registration system that relies on fingerprints to access the individual membership data. Extensive use was made of the knowledge and experience gained with earlier biometric projects based on its own QFinger ® technology. A procedure was developed whereby each member / user was send a unique code which allowed the single registration of exactly five fingerprints. As a result only these five registered fingerprints can be used to log on. This registration system is set up as a SaaS1 and is therefore hardware independent and thus very flexible in use.

Together with the customer a choice was made which fingerprint reader would be deployed. The chosen appliance had to become a safety icon for the Belgitrans association and was therefore personalized and delivered through a courier service to the individual members. A clear step-by-step manual, and guidance of Queaso consultants made that the rollout of the application was done in a very short time. This to great satisfaction of our client.

This project clearly illustrates the business / IT focus that Queaso Systems uses towards its customers to design and build integrated solutions. In order to achieve the agreed upon result, a continued focus on requirements, budget and planning in close collaboration with the client is essential.

(1): Software As A Service

Fingerprint Logon

Fingerprint Logon

For additional information about the business side of this solution the Belgitrans chairman Robert Paternoster (robert.paternoster@belgitrans.be) can be contacted.

Through info@queaso.be all additional information can be obtained. Queaso Systems nv also offers a free of charge e-mail newsletter. Please visit www.queaso.be to subscribe.

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