How to compile a correct IT request for proposal?

Posted on November 09th, 2009

Ever build a house without a blueprint or a complete bill of material? No, why than is it still common practice to do so when building an enterprise software system?

Data fluxes and information systems are the backbone of today’s companies and serve as a connection with the outer world. If something fails in these systems, the company is in great danger and sometimes thing can really turn out bad.

As a co-founder of the workgroup IT Management of the VIK (Vlaamse Ingenieurs Kamer), Filip De Sutter, CEO of Queaso Systems nv, will conduct a four-day course on how exactly an IT request for proposal has to be compiled that satisfies all stakeholders. This training is due spring 2010 and will be hosted by the VIK in his venue in Antwerp.

To tease for this initiative three evening meetings are scheduled throughout the Flemish part of the country: one in Antwerp (November 9th 2009), another one in Ghent (November 17th 2009), the last one in Lummen (November 25th 2009). Feel free to attend after registration here.

The full article in Dutch is available on-line. You can also find it in the issue of the I-mag magazine of November 2009.