Queaso Systems organises tenth edition of GetTogether event

Posted on September 07th, 2009

For the tenth time in a row Queaso Systems nv organises a GetTogether event. On Tuesday September 22 th 2009 at 20h00 professor doctor Sven Bostyn joins us for a talk about patenting software. This time the place of action is the historical site of the Outfort in Hoboken.

A GetTogether event is defined  by Queaso Systems as a gathering of people commonly interested in an ICT related topic. The subject under discussion can be rather technical (Longhorn, SharePoint, XNA game framework, etc.), explains a common concept (build & deploy, TMap, etc.) or is of general interest (Social networking, PMI, etc.). These events are organised about four times a year.

The format used is always the same: we welcome the participants as from 18h30 with a sandwich and something to drink, at 20h00 precise our guest speaker hits the floor for about one hour (sometimes complemented with a question & answer part) and around 21h30 we conclude with an enjoyable network drink.

To please our public as much as possible and to minimize travel effort we take this organisation around the country. Time after time we pick an easy accessible venue with lots of parking space at hand. Doing so past events took place in Antwerpen, Mechelen, Brussel and Wetteren (near Gent). We invite people as wide as we can through our own employees, active networks, corporate website and an ever growing list of registered people.

During the summer edition (normally held in June) we offer an extra BBQ and whenever the topics allows for it we provide gifts. As such all participants of the February 2008 edition received the book Get Connected from Jan Vermeiren while during the July 2008 event an airline ticket was given away to a surprised attendee. On top of that, every GetTogether event is totally free. We are pleased however if you take the time to announce your presence upfront.

Date Speaker Title Location Attendees Extra
jun/07 Arlindo Alves Longhorn Wetteren 22 BBQ

sep/07 Andy Verkeyn Software testing Mechelen 10  

nov/07 Brecht Kets XNA game framework Mechelen 30  

feb/08 Jan Vermeiren Social networking Groot-Bijgaarden 25 Book for every participant

jun/08 Kristof Caekebeke Build & deploy proces Wetteren 25 BBQ + one airline ticket

sep/08 Sheryar Malik Communication @ work Groot-Bijgaarden 30  

nov/08 Wouter Bigaré PMI Institute Antwerpen 20  

apr/09 Hans Demeyer The Magic of SharePoint Groot-Bijgaarden 20  

jun/09 Geert Vanhove TMap® Next Wetteren 28 BBQ

sep/09 Sven Bostyn Software patents Hoboken ?  


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