GetTogether event on Sharepoint

Posted on April 01st, 2009

Sharepoint, it’s a bit of a buzzword, including for myself. And I have to be honest though, I was a big of a sceptic. Sharepoint promises to solve many of today’s information related problems and let’s be honest, they are legion. Who hasn’t worked on a wrong version of a document by accident ? Or wasn’t able to review a spreadsheet because it was on someone else his computer who wasn’t present ? I Think we’ve all come across these issues and for this there is a solution: Sharepoint.

Sharepoint is Microsoft document management system. But it’s more than just a collection of files & folders. The system allows you to quickly interact with your peers and share all the information you want with them, be it your calendar to informing them something is wrong with a certain document. All integrated, handy !

Apparently Sharepoint is a topic that interests a broad userbase as we had a lot of different profiles present. And that it had their full attention was proven by the long (and interesting) Q & A at the end, which was somewhat continued at the bar with free drinks … although in a bit less formal atmosphere 😉

Download the presentation The Magic of Sharepoint Services.

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