Queaso LAN Party 2009

Posted on March 27th, 2009

The guns are silent, the tires aren’t screetching anymore and the dust has settled … the Queaso LAN 2009 is over. The finality of what has been done here becomes manifest.

But what a glorious day it has been. The Queaso LAN was a grand success, with over 50 people present. At certain points our capacity was stretched to the max, with all consoles and pcs being used simultaniously.

The day started out by setting up, which we only managed to get done just in time. Then it was time for some formal words of introduction. We kept it short 😉 People could enlist in certain tournaments going from blind folded racing to a deathmatch with only knife & pistol. Most attendants participated in at least 1 competition. The winners of these official tournaments went home with goodies and some even with a couple of movie tickets.

At around 7pm food arrived. Fries ! Everyone was famished from the intensive gaming (who claims that gaming is not a sport ?) so everyone rushed outside to grab a bite. The weather was nice so some people decided to sit on the terrace. The lounge bar also was very popular, not only the gamers got spoiled 😉

But of course most of all, people gamed … and gamed … and gamed, and it was great fun 🙂 Farcry 2 with 16 people is just plain awesomeness. Very intense. The Xboxers also had their share of fun and the Wii was as expected one of the most popular attractions, especially for the girls present.

All in all, it was a succesful day, thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again next year !