Queaso New Year reception

Posted on January 01st, 2009

A new year means celebration. We at Queaso are no exception. The plan was a nice dinner with the gang, which is I think fairly common. The location where this event took place however is anything but ordinary. This year it was held at the Atomium. For those of you who are not from Belgium … you should still know the Atomium ! If not just follow the link 🙂

We all met up in the lobby downstairs before we took a crowded elevator to the top sphere where the restaurant is. I have to say, it’s not for someone who isn’t very fond of heights such as myself, so I deliberately seated myself with my back to the window. We had a giant table since almost everyone was there with their partner. The setting was without a doubt grand.

The food itself was really good, personally I especially liked the first course. It was a good opportunity to talk to each other in a non-worked related manner. And the fact that there was an abundance of drinks definitely helped that along 😉 To conclude, it was a great evening at a superb location, I’m already wondering where it’ll be next year 😉

We here at Queaso wish a great 2009 !