GetTogether event on Project Management Institute

Posted on December 05th, 2008

Project Management Institute, that was the topic of the last GetTogether. The subject was unlike any we’d done before and therefore drew quite a different crowd.

The speaker of the evening was Wouter Bigaré. He spoke on how project management is finally evolving to a profession in itself, with its own methodologies and how this can lead to better projects. It’s not for the fainthearted though as you’ll need to struggle through a lot of material to get going. But for the die-hard managers, it’s all worth it. Better them than me I always say, I’ll stick to programming 😉

He also spoke of certificates you can get and how networking is important. There were a couple of managers present, each very curious on how this could impact their job & career. The link with Agile Development was quickly made as these 2 methodologies have a lot in common.

Afterwards there was the usual drink at the bar. It was great seeing some familiar faces again, the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone.

You can download the full presentation here.

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