ICT Karting Trophy

Posted on November 21st, 2008

On Friday November 14th Queaso Systems participated in the ICT Karting Trophy. We’ve been planning for this event for quite some time now so the expectations were high. In total 13 teams were participating, promising a hectic race. For the occasion the outdoor track was open, even though it had been raining a bit. Yeah, it was going to be slippery. The daredevils among the pilots were grinning wildly.

Queaso had enlisted 7 pilots: Andy, Marc, Paul, Peter, Tom, Willem and Hans. All were ready to go above and beyond the call of duty.

After a short briefing it was time for the qualification. Paul took it upon himself to do this for our team. Knowing Paul’s wild driving style I was expecting a good result, but we ended up last. I guess the responsible driver in him was finally emerging … at a very bad time 😉
To start the race we put Tom in the cockpit. And boy did he perform ! In a short time he overtook 3 other drivers. Way to go Tom ! It was a long race and at least 5 stops were obliged, giving the other drivers plenty of time to prove their worth.

While the race was ongoing the supporter team had to do several trials as well. The most fun one to watch was definitely changing the tires on a kart. For our team this was done by Frederik and Davy. We saw several other teams dropping screws and having to go look for them, it was pretty funny. Another test was playing a racing game on the PlayStation. Jelle did a good job here, he got us a fair 7th place. You have to keep in mind that all the teams who had gone to this event before had been practicing this game extensively 😉

While we were busy winning the support trials we got some bad news. Our kart had crashed. Apparently there was a malfunction with the pedals. Luckily Willem, who was driving at the time, was ok. We did lose some precious minutes though before we got another kart. In the end we finished 12th. Not great but still, considering the crash and the fact that it was our first time, it’s not a total disaster 🙂 At least we are motivated to do better next year ! And to end with a positive note, the supporters ended 2nd in their trials. Go us !