Successful first edition of Queaso LAN Party

Posted on May 26th, 2008

On the 15th of March 2008 the moment had finally arrived. It was time to do battle with our peers in the first Queaso Systems LAN Party.

The location of the battlefield was The Outpost in the fair city of Ghent, Belgium. It had all the necessary infrastructure required for a big PC-based LAN. However, when Queaso does something they see it big, so besides the PC area we built an 8 player Xbox 360 setup as well. 2 giant projection screens, each showing the image of 1 Xbox 360. We were set to go.

At 14:00 the first people started to arrive. While we waited for everyone to get there we started a little free for all Call of Duty 4. At the same time the Xboxers got their own game started, Halo 3.

A little later it was starting time for the event of the day: The Call of Duty 4 Tournament. Teams were formed, strategies made, glares exchanged, and fingers were stretched. As Duke Nukem would say ‘Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum’. While bullets were being exchanged, pizza started to arrive to feed the hungry mob. When the tournament was over and the dust settled, only 1 team was still standing. Congrats to them!

In the meantime a similar sight could be seen over at the Xboxers as they battled it out over the title of Halo 3 Champion. It was a close match there, but there could be only 1 victor. Others hung their head in shame and defeat.

With the tournaments over people were free to pursue their own favorite games. The Xbox crowd decided to move over to Moto Racer while gunshots in the PC corner could be heard until late in the night…