About 25 people got connected during the latest GetTogether event

Posted on May 30th, 2008

We don’t claim to be as sensational as Cirque du Soleil yet, but the latest GetTogether event was a really good shot in the right direction. Indeed, our moving circus settled down on the evening of February 26th in the Gosset Hotel in Groot Bijgaarden (Brussels) where our guests could enjoy a life act of Jan Vermeiren, THE Networking Coach.

In about two hours Jan convinced us of the importance of networking. And we are not talking about twisted pair, UTP or routers here! According to the speaker networking is more than a technique; it’s a way of living. Powered by a “first give” attitude it enables everyone to tap into the power of their own personal network. It’s not about accumulating power or creating self-importance, but about helping each-other by sharing, learning and supporting.

In his book “Let’s Connect” Jan reveals tips & to do’s that that are very interesting to read for everyone, but more important he describes a different kind of social networking.

The enthusiastic public got convinced along the way that networking is a new art and skill that is no longer an option. To keep them on track and provide them with the essential knowledge they all received a free copy of Jan’s book.

To complete the evening we all got connected in the lobby of the Gosset Hotel. As usual al drinks were on the house and I am pretty sure everybody will remember this fifth GetTogether. It’s getting harder and harder to do better I suppose. But than again, we like a challenge. So watch you mailbox for the next GetTogether invitation!

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