We are pleased to announce the first edition of Queaso.LAN !!!

Posted on February 02nd, 2008

Queaso .LAN


Queaso.LAN is a free LAN party for IT professionals. We will be competing against each other in various games on PC and Xbox 360.
There wil be various games on PC and on Xbox 360. Here are some of the highlights:

Company Of Heroes Halo3
 Crysis Call Of Duty

The Queaso.LAN party will be held March 15th 2008.
You are welcome Saturday afternoon from 14h00 to midnight.
We’ll be holding the Queaso.LAN in the Outpost Gamecenter.
Outpost, Ottergemsesteenweg 13, 9000 Gent.
Queaso.LAN is a gathering for IT professionals.
Everyone is welcome, registration is required.
Queaso.LAN is totally free !
Drinks and food will be provided.
What do you need
If you have a portable, you can bring it. But we will also be supplying PCs to play on, so this is not required.
Basically, you need your reflexes, a good mood and a will to crush your enemies.
How to register
There are only a limited amount of spaces, so register early to be sure of your spot.
Fill in the registration form here.
This site will also be used to post updates and news.
14h00 : Queaso.LAN starts.
If you have tour own gear, you can set it up. There will be a brief introduction. You can start playing Halo 3 (or some other games) on the Xbox 360 systems.
14h30 : Let the games begin.
17h00 : Call of Duty Team Competition.
Sign up your team of 4 at the start of the LAN party (info will be available when you enter the LAN aprty).
If you don’t have a team, feel free to join one of ours.
Winners will receive a gift.
18h30 – 20h00 : Pizza time !
You can grab a bite whenever you like. We just ask not to eat at the PCs. Have a drink, chat a bit.
Food & drinks are on the house.
20h30 : Halo 3 Deathmatch Competition.
Have a blast. Shoot your enemy. This is every man for himself.
Winner will receive a gift.
02h00 : The end has come …
There is still some time to have a drink and chat.