Nine out of ten Belgians trust biometrics for identity verification

Posted on January 26th, 2008

According to a survey conducted by Unisys in seven European countries, 89% of the Belgian interviewees find “[it is] acceptable for a trusted organization such as [a] bank, credit card provider, health care provider or governmental organization to use biometrics such as [their] voice or fingerprints to verify [their] identity”.

The Belgian respondents’ primary reasons for this overwhelmingly positive attitude towards biometrics are more convenience (73%), better security (42%), higher speed of the identity verification process (45%) and privacy protection (15%).

Ranked by acceptance, Belgium is followed by France (86%), Sweden (81%), The Netherlands (73%), Germany (68%) and Italy (61%).

Two years ago, Dexia Bank of Belgium launched a speaker verification system for its private banking customers. My role in this project included general speech technology assistance to the project leader, expectation management, VUI development, technical integration of the speaker verfication engine with the application, and usability testing.

Dexia’s early experience with speaker verification was followed a few months later by Dutch ABN AMRO’s announcement of their voice verification initiative. At the recent Voice Biometrics Conference in Lodon, ABM AMRO confirmed plans to roll out the voice verification option to their complete 4 million customer base in the coming year.