Safer bank data for the same price

Posted on October 22nd, 2007

Of all the Europeans Belgians value the safety of their personal bank data the most; although they are not prepared to pay extra for that. That it what becomes clear after reading a study of the American IT company Unisys.

The results have been based on an inquiry in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Belgium concerning the confidence in ventures. 436 Belgians participated in the survey. From the study becomes clear that 80% of the questioned Belgians would change banks if the safety of his personal data should improve. That is the highest percentage of all examined countries.

But at the same time the Belgians are not prepared pay more for a better protection. Only 1% wants lay more money on table to see his personal data better protected. 15% of the persons questioned are willing to pay more for a better protection of their money at the bank.

  • Biometrics
    Belgians are most willing to use biometric data, such as fingerprint scans or voice recognition, to identify themselves. 75% of the questioned Belgians are proponent of biometrics because of the ease of use: if they can work with biometric data, they don’t have to remember separate user names, passwords or other codes anymore. Less than half of Belgians think that their personal data is protected even better by means of biometrical technology.
  • Reliable
    From the same research also becomes clear that the bank sector is considered as the most reliable economic sector. This in favor of the education and the hotel – and entertainment sector. Belgians find the energy sector by far the most unreliable sector, followed by the chemistry and the credit card sector.

By De Tijd (translated by Filip De Sutter)