Belgian IT staff has highest level of education, but lowest changes for supplementary education

Posted on August 29th, 2007

From the original 15 European member states the Belgian IT staff holds the highest level of education. After graduation however their changes for extra training are the lowest. All this according to Eurostat figures.

e-Skills, a British training institute, compiled a report showing that during the third quarter of 2006 Europe had 172 million employees. Of those about 4.8 million are active in the IT sector.

Belgium accommodates about 105.000 IT workers, of which only 10 percent is female. Based on the Eurostat figures the Flemish and Wallon IT population has the highest level of education, followed by countries like Ireland, Spain, Denmark and France. Unfortunately changes to be able to get extra education during their professional career are extremely low for the Belgian knowledge workers. Probably this is partly due to the high level of education at graduation time.

By TimBee (