GetTogether summer session huge success

Posted on July 20th, 2007

Although the weather maker was absent on June 26th the fourth GetTogether event turned out to be a huge success.

More than 20 ICT professionals made the trip to our venue Den Blakken in Wetteren. Did they appear for the Arlindo Alves’ presentation on 10 Reasons to prepare for Windows Server “Longhorn” or did the BBQ attract them? Sure thing is, they came and enjoyed the evening.

Because we at Queaso Systems take the comments and suggestions of our (previous) guest serious we decided to lower the frequency of the GetTogether event from the initial once a month to one every quarter. Another much heard suggestion was that is should be more fun. We do have to work all day, haven’t we?

Therefore the fourth GetTogether event was seen as a kind of wind of change and to set the right scene for the summer holidays Queaso Systems decided to go for something more. Following the original idea of high level knowledge transfer in a pleasant environment we decided to invite a Microsoft evangelist and have something more than the usual sandwich.

Arlindo Alves, the Microsoft evangelist on duty, was brilliant in his presentation of the Windows Server “Longhorn” family. He really didn’t need ten reasons to convince the public to consider this product. Judged by the numerous questions asked by our audience it was worth while being there. The distribution of a demo “Longhorn” CD completed the, let’s say, official part of the evening. The complete presentation can be watched here.

The fun part however was the splendid barbeque. Thanks to the chef of Den Blakken everyone could enjoy a wide variety of meat and fish completed with a choice of vegetables, pastry and sauces. An accompanying good glass of wine resulted in animated discussions on various subjects. The quality of the food and the ever friendly personnel made this event one to remember. Even the die hards who lasted at the bar to past midnight were tolerated.

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