GetTogether sessions kicked-off

Posted on January 01st, 2007

Late last year Queaso Systems kicked-off the GetTogether sessions. It was end November 2006 when a little group of IT consultants got together for what is to become a mayor monthly event hosted en sponsored by Queaso Systems: the GetTogether meeting.

Aimed at bringing around the same table IT professionals for an open geek-talk, this event should become a fixed appointment in any IT consultants’ agenda. So, block every last Tuesday of the month (except for December, July & August) and be there!

The formula is fairly simple: we gather for a quick bite (some sandwiches) and a drink around 18h30 and afterwards give a free stage to anyone from the community who’s willing to share some information regarding our IT profession. This should not take more than an hour, leaving about the same time for an animated discussion on the presented (or other) topic(s). Practical things (PC, projector, flip-over, etc.) like invitations and catering are been taken care of by our company; you fill in the dotted lines. To make this as convenient as possible for the whole community we will alter the venue from time to time.

The first GetTogether was held on Tuesday 28th of November at the wonderful “Brasserie Den Blakken” in Wetteren. Because of short notice only eight IT consultants were present. Off course all Queaso Systems’ consultants were spotted on the scene. Tens of others who where invited ensured us to be there the next time. It surely is worth while to fulfill this promise!

 Ben Buytaert - Willem Fouquart (QS) - Jorn Audooren - Tom Van Wesemael (QS)

Ruben Haeck - Filip De Sutter (QS) - Mario Vanhecke (QS)