Web based public consultation launched on ethics of Biometrics

Posted on March 23rd, 2006

The BITE (Biometrics Identification Technology Ethics) Project has launched a Web-based Public Consultation on ethics of biometrics. Relevant parties are urged to participate.

BITE is a panEuropean research project funded by the European Commission in the scope of the FP6 and coordinated by Prof. Emilio Mordini, director of the Rome based Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship.

The background to setting up the BITE Project is to look at the growing impact of biometrics in society and its ethical impact. With biometrics affecting every European citizen, the social and political dimension of biometric technology is becoming critical.

In the next months, the European Court of Justice is expected to annul or to confirm the European Council’s agreement between the European Community and the United States on the transfer of data from Passenger Name Records by airlines established in the territory of Community Member States to the United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, these data include biometric data retained in electronic passports.

BITE’s public consultation aims to involve European citizens, the wider biometric community and European decisions makers in a public debate on ethical, social and political challenges associated with biometrics in order to assist the European Commission to define globally-accepted standards when applying biometrics.

The dealine for participation is the 13 June 2006, however you are asked to make contributions as soon as possible.

To participate in the Public Consultation; click here. For more information on BITE, try this.

By European Biometrics Forum