NBF publishes report ‘Biometrics, cut out for us?’

Posted on December 20th, 2005

Earlier this year Queaso Systems nv became a member of the NBF (‘Netherlands Biometrics Forum‘). Today the NBF released a report on how biometrics will influence our future lives. This report tries to answer the question if biometrics are cut out for us? If you want to have a clear sight on biometrical trends you should read the full report that is downloadable from our web site.

The role of the NBF

The NBF aims to achieve the social reliability and acceptance of biometrics by contributing to the formulation and testing of the quality requirements that a concrete application of biometrics in a specific environment must meet.

The NBF’s vision on biometrics can be summarised as follows:

  1. with respect to specific applications, to achieve a dynamic balance between:
              a. security
              b. freedom, and
              c. anonymity
  2. to make ceaseless efforts to bring and sustain the social reliability at the desired level;
  3. to focus on the quality standards that are imposed on an application and the conditions under which biometrics can be effectively applied.

By means of this vision, the NBF hopes to achieve secure and reliable biometric applications, which will be widely accepted by society. The NBF hopes to reach this by judging biometrics on its merits, and making the advantages and risks of applications and their social effects transparent. The NBF’s strategy is aimed at promoting the development of the instruments necessary for this. To effect this, the NBF proposes an ambitious, long-range plan, which the NBF may choose to carry out itself or either outsource or leave to other organisations. This long-term plan is intended, among other things, to define quality standards, a checklist for risk analysis, etc.