Filip De Sutter to speak at FeWeb conference

Posted on November 21st, 2005

The Belgian federation of web developers FeWeb offers professional support to fellow web developers by means of supplying of information, protection of interests and quality assurance initiatives.


The federation of web developers (FeWeb) on December 15th organizes its third annual congress in Edegem (congress centre “Ter Elst”). In the eve there is a programme (3 parallel tracks) with short, practical sessions concerning divergent topics as usability and interactive marketing. During the evening programme follows an overview of the activities of FeWeb in 2005. In particular setting-up is commented of the obligatory code of conduct and the voluntary quality label. Furthermore the plans for 2006 are presented. Concluding there is a debate about the sense and nonsense of SEM under the guidance of Jean-Paul the Clerck from Inside. Afterwards follows a reception.

Filip De Sutter, managing partner and CEO of Queaso Systems will conduct a workshop at 18u00 (Track 2) covering biometrics in IT systems. First part will be an overview of the different biometrical systems while the last part consists of a life demo of a web application using fingerprint technology for user (member) authentication.