Filip De Sutter to speak at e-Day

Posted on September 15th, 2005

Communication by means of electronic interactive media (such as multimedia, Internet/intranet, videoconference) has become indispensable in the current information society. Moreover a basic ICT knowledge is a necessary requirement for each employee in the service sector. This applies in particular to those professions and sectors in which communication is an important issue, like communication and multimedia production companies, mass media, publishers, publicity consultancies, marketing services, services.

For the second time VDAB Leuven (Belgium) in its competence center at Heverlee organizes an e-Day on 27 September 2005. The objective of this e-Day is getting an “idea” of the newest technological developments in the field of communication – and computer systems. For this reason the VDAB invites companies from the data processing, telematics and graphic sector. There the participating companies can demonstrate their most recent products and also organize workshops for potential customers.
The VDAB offers a trading place to the companies where they can share knowledge with each other and set up important networking. Target groups are companies from the different participating sectors, employees in search of a new challenge and those who want to keep up in the area of e-communication.

Filip De Sutter, managing partner and CEO of Queaso Systems will conduct a workshop at 17u00 in room 2 covering biometrics in IT systems. First part will be an overview of the different biometrical systems while the last part consists of a life demo of a web application using fingerprint technology for user (member) authentication.