Belgian companies underestimate danger of Internet fraud

Posted on August 02nd, 2005

The Belgian companies underestimate the danger of Internet fraud. They believe that hackers only strike in the United States, whereas abuse of Internet data emerges also more and more in Belgium. Especially the stealing of credit card data increases. Defrauders are in search for credit card numbers to produce false credit cards.

I have not encountered internet sites without problems in Belgium”, says Erwin Geirnaert, the director European Operations from CISSP. The company tests Internet sites on possible security breaches. Those are used by hackers to “fish out’ data, leading to abuse. He gives the example of an internet site where you can place an order for a book. “It was possible there to order a book and input the data in such a way that I got an amount paid back onto my account, instead of leaving my account“, Geirnaert states.

Most of Belgian the companies having an internet site underestimate the danger of fraud. Or they believe hackers are not interested. This is not true, Geirnaert thinks. “also Belgian Internet sites are of interest to fraudsters”.  Cybertrust, a division of internet security company Ubizen, shares that opinion. The dangers of fraud is real. Fraud, especially with credit card data, is a problem, puts Bart Vansevenant, the Product Manager of Cybertrust. The company has been specialized in protecting on-line information. Figures concerning Internet fraud in Belgium are not available.

According to Geirnaert many Belgian companies really have problems with hackers, but do not dare to expose them. “They want to avoid media attention and for this reason also do not step to the police forces”, adds Geirnaert.

IT gangs

The most attentive Internet fraud in Belgium is stealing credit card data. Hackers are looking for the name, the number and the due date of the credit card. They search those data online to resell  them or to make copies of credit cards. This is very well organized international crime. In Japan and Russia IT gangs exist that the explore the Internet in search of vulnerabilities in Internet sites. If credit card data them, sales have pecked them that on to this end set up Internet sites.

Internet sites where you can buy a stolen credit card number for 1 dollar, exist says Vansevenant. For this reason it is possible that a Belgian who used his credit card in the United States, suddenly sees that months later money is spend with his credit card in Spain. That is the case with a recently discovered credit card fraud in the US. Hackers forced their way into the Internet site of a US payment company, as a result of which they could get hold of the data of people who paid in an American restaurant or hotel with their credit card. Also of Belgians. They resold those data, including in Spain, explains Vansevenant.

By Tijdnet – translated from Dutch