Belgian loses bankcard more often

Posted on July 27th, 2005

Card Stop blocked a record number of 354,000 bankcards in the first six months of this year. People loosing their bank card or suspects that it has been stolen have the possibility to contact Card Stops’ call centre. More and more Belgians lose their  Bancontact/MisterCash card or their credit card. The number of stolen bankcards however decreases.

The call centre Card Stop, with can be reached on 070/344.344, got more calls the past months, as a result of which more bank cards were blocked. The phone calls in the first six-month period led up to 354,400 blocked bankcards, or 4% more than last year. The largest part of the blocked bankcards, about 61%, had been lost. The previous year this percentage was less high. More and more people have a bankcard and more and more people also use it. As a result, also more people lose their bankcard and than call on Card Stop, according to Marina De Moerlooze, spokeswoman for Banksys. Bansys manages the call centre of Card Stop. 24% of the bankcards were blocked because of robbery. That percentage remained approximately the same compared to 2004. The remaining percentage of blocked bankcards is out of precaution. We do this when we suspect fraudulous transactions, adds De Moerloze.

The number of blocked bankcards increases year after year, just like the number of bankcards in turn. Most of the Belgians have a Bancontact/MisterCash card and also a credit card in their pocket. In 2003, Belgium counted about 10.45 million  Bancontact/MisterCash cards and 2.8 million credit cards. In 2004, this number increased to 10.75 million Bancontact/MisterCash cards and 2.9 million credit cards. Most used credit cards are Visa and MasterCard. People thinking their bankcard has been stolen or is lost, should contact Card Stop as soon as possible. The onus of proof for abuse of a bankcard indeed lies at the banks, but the law also states that the bank must be informed as soon as possible of a disappeared bankcard to limit fraud. The bank winds up for the costs from the moment that Card Stop blocks a bankcard. Most of the banks however charge 150 Euro for a stolen or lost bankcard. Further according to the law, he who owns a bankcard must be careful. To that extend different banks give a different interpretation to what careful means. For some banks leaving a bankcard in your car or even taking it to your job is already accounted for as not careful. If the bankcard gets stolen in those places the bank charges the card owner the above-mentioned fee.

By Tijdnet – translated from Dutch