Toko enrolled as Queaso Systems Partner

Posted on June 16th, 2005

Dendermonde Belgium based company ToKo, the industrial IT division of DRI (De Roeve industrial automation group), enrolled as a Queaso Systems Partner. This program helps technology based companies with the implementation of biometrical solutions for their customers. After an extensive on-site training of the ToKo engineers by Queaso Systems’ consultants the team is ready to integrate the QFinger technology into their legacy systems, offering their clients state of the art fingerprint technology for e.g. identification and entrance systems.

TokoOn the use of the QFinger SDK, Tom Madallena CTO of ToKo, commented: “It’s very well done, robust, documented and extremely easy to integrate into our propriety software. We envisage a lot of applications for this biometrical software component delivering added value for our stakeholders.”
Toko’s offer includes: industrial IT and automation, tracking & tracing solutions and more in general data gathering; interfacing between machines and IT-systems; database applications; tailor-made software using Microsoft technology (VB, .NET, etc) and various database (SQL-Server, DB2, etc.).

Queaso Systems’ Partner Program delivers real added value to system integrators (software builders) aiming at applying fingerprint technology into their (end-user) solutions. It provides the partner with: (1) developing licenses of available QFinger components, (2) in depth in house technical training, (3) comprehensive pre- and after sales support, (4) commercial assistance if needed, (5) marketing tools for visibility (e.g. member section on the corporate website).

For more information on the Queaso Systems Partner Program or any other inquiry please contact

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