Queaso Systems walks the talk

Posted on May 11th, 2005

In order to demonstrate its ability to deliver real life solutions Queaso Systems decided to showcase its QFinger technology. To accomplish this goal the member-section of the corporate website was redesigned in order to use the fingerprint recognition technology to gain access rather than the conventional username and password combination.

This clearly emphasizes the feasibility of to days’ biometrical IT solutions and the ease-of-use when choosing QFinger SDK for the integration of fingerprint solutions into long running systems.

The picture below sets the scene for the integration of fingerprint technology into a standard web site, hereby using separated databases for fingerprint template storage and for the administrative data on the users (so called web-site members). Although for technical reasons there is no ground to do so, for security and privacy concerns the template database is kept on a separate physical server.

QFinger Deployment Member Section

First time members have their fingerprint enrolled for future reference into the template database. This is accomplished via a separate existing user management application which is, for obvious reasons, not available on-line on the website.

Once the members’ fingerprint template is registered and the QFinger client software is installed on the members’ PC he/she can very easily access the member-section of the site as shown in the picture below. As from there everything is business as usual.


By using its’ own QFinger SDK (Software Development Kit) Queaso Systems proved it to be very easy and straightforward to integrate state of the art biometrical functions into an existing website or portal application.

The QFinger.NET server, QFinger SOAP server and QFinger web and windows clients are released for resale. Expertise, guidance and consulting are offered by the Queaso Systems team to help customers to integrate cutting edge biometrical functions into their legacy or new to develop applications.

All additional information can be obtained via info@queaso.be

Release (2 pages – 90 kb)