Software companies battle against rising unsafety

Posted on February 16th, 2005

A study of RSA Security makes clear that approximately a fourth of the questioned has diminished his online purchases, whereas a fiftieth wants no contact with its financial institution over the Internet. More than half of them think that the current system of user name/password is insufficient.

The sad rainy weather in San Francisco forms a beautiful scene for the security industry here on the RSA conference. The new ways of attacking shocked the confidence of users badly, but at the same time the industry works very hard to deal with the evolving security threats.

Thus emphasised Bill Gates how security is basically part of the development process of new Microsoft products, whereas the updating of existing products will be more adequate (in function of seriousness and urgency, with better compatibility tests up front). As from March all updates for all Microsoft products will come from the same database, with adapted services for consumers, SME’s and larger companies.

John Thompson, President and CEO of Symantec, emphasised the need to extend security to the complete business continuity process. The speed with which the ‘Slammer’ virus in 2003 laid down so many systems, proves the need for a broader, more holistic security-treatment, keeping available reliable company data as an ultimate goal.

Moreover, all concerned parties stressed the fact that better security means more understanding for the issue in general and more involvment from the users in particular.

Adapted from DataNews (Guy Kindermans)