Fingerprint technology now available for .NET

Posted on November 04th, 2004

QFinger EnvironmentAfter exhaustive integration and stress testing Queaso Systems today released his first Microsoft .NET product, Qfinger. This is an SDK (Software Development Kit) allowing Microsoft .NET application builders to integrate cutting edge fingerprint technology seamlessly into their own software products.

Qfinger is offered as an easy to use middleware product that can be deployed without the need of having in depth biometrical knowledge. By means of the use of industry standards (among other things .NET, SOAP, n-tier & UML) a transparent component has been build that can be incorporated in Windows and browser based enterprise applications.

In short, all functionality necessary to make robust and safe applications based on fingerprint technology is now within hand range of each developer.

The offer further includes: entirely transparent set-ups, very accessible and complete documentation, white papers, demonstration applications, multi-server multi-user licensing model, training, consulting, etc.
Through our Internet site ( all available product information and content on biometrics can be accessed. Also available there is a real-time on-line demonstration application linked directly to our SQLServer database. Potential users of our technology are invited to test our product thoroughly.
All additional information can be obtained via

Release (1 page – 19 kb)